Your Friend Join Other Network Marketing Company

What happen if you find out your friend join other network marketing company when you are the first to intro your business to him?

There is this story that I want to share with you today and why in our business you must take immediate action.

The Story

You see, there are 2 friends, Peter and Rob. Rob have join this particular network marketing company and he happily approach his friend, Peter. He is very professional in his approach throughout his presentation with Peter.

However, Peter say that network marketing is not for him. He want to concentrate on his job now. Thus, Rob, as a professional, leaves him alone.

Months pass, and one day, Rob receive a phone call from Peter. They chatted and Peter says “Rob, I join mlm and the company I’m with is XXXXXXX. Their product is awesome and I’ve been using them with effect.”

Rob say “o great, welcome to network marketing. How is it doing for you?”

Peter says “Yup doing it great and looking for partner and consumer to join in. I can tell them my story and there is a guy in his company have a lot of knowledge on this product.”

Rob says “ok, that great.”

And that about that.

So, the morale of this  story is that, speed counts in this industry. When you are in, get the word out to many people as possible and follow through.

Do not wait till one fine day, that your friend come approach you and tell you that he or she is in the other network marketing company – just like the Peter and Rob story.

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